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Miscellaneous Maintenance

Please notify this office as we have a small, part-time staff, we at Wauponsee Township ask for your help.  If you see something that needs our attentions such as missing or damaged signs, potholes, and the many other items that we maintain, please contact this office as soon as possible.  You can do so via phone at (815) 942-4243, or please email the highway commissioner by clicking here.

  • Traffic Signs
    We erect and maintain most of the stop, speed limit, and caution signs on Township right-of-way. Signs are inspected each month. If you notice a missing sign, please notify this office so we may quickly replace the sign and avoid potential accidents.  We have to follow very strict guidelines set forth by the Federal Highway Authority.  We are currently replacing all of the Engineer grade sheeting signs with the new High-Intensity Prismatic sheeting signs.  We are also in the process of locating all of our signs in a GPS/GIS computer inventory program called Simple Signs.  

  • Blacktop Patching
    Potholes are filled with asphalt cold patch as required.  The second type of patch is explained below.

  • Spray Patching
    Spray Patching is done during the summer months as the warmer temperatures help to adhere the spray patch material to the original asphalt.  This process is completed by a machine spraying oil on the section of asphalt to be patched, that is followed by spraying 3/8ths inch rock chips mixed with oil over the section previously oiled, and finally clean 3/8ths inch rock chips are sprayed over the oil/rock mixture.  This can be a messy process due to the oil that is used.  The contractor is required to post “Fresh Oil” signs at the beginning of the roadways being patched.  It is advised to drive slowly over the patches, this will avoid the oil covered rock chips from being thrown on your vehicle by the tires.

  • Crack Sealing
    This process is also done in the hot summer months to aid in adhering the patch material to the existing hot mix asphalt.  This process is very important in protecting the stone base below the asphalt.  The crack fill material is applied to the crack, filling the crack totally.  This prevents water from rain or snowmelt from seeping into the road base this will prolong pavement, as well as prevent potholes.

  • Roadside Mowing
    Wauponsee Township mows rural area right-of-ways 4-5 times per season.

  • Storm Sewer Maintenance
    Storm sewer basins are cleaned as needed. Inlet grates in the street are inspected and cleaned during and after most rainstorms. You may have an inlet on your property. It is your responsibility to keep the grate and basin clean. If you suspect a problem with your inlet, please call this office. Although the inlet and sewer are not within Township Jurisdiction, we may be able to help solve your problem.

Street Lights

Within the unincorporated Township, street lights are maintained by Commonwealth Edison. If you see a street light with a burned out bulb call Commonwealth Edison's customer service number 1-800-334-7661. Should a replacement not be made within a reasonable period of time, please call this office.